Hilton Head Island Rotary Club – Youth Scholarships

Hilton Head Island Rotary Club pic

Hilton Head Island Rotary Club
Image: hiltonheadrotary.org

A graduate of Capital University with a bachelor’s in accounting and economics, Brian Stertzer serves as managing director of asset management at WealthStone. Brian Stertzer remains active in his community of Hilton Head, South Carolina, and contributes to the Hilton Head Island Rotary Club, which offers a number of scholarships to local youth.

The Hilton Head Island (HHI) Rotary Club provides scholarships to both home-schooled students and students graduating from high school on Hilton Head Island. The organization evaluates applicants based on academic performance, participation in extracurricular clubs and sports, and community service both in and out of school.

Students must submit a 500-word essay detailing what makes them stand out among their peers and why they deserve consideration for a scholarship. The HHI Rotary Club also provides the Norman Reeves scholarship to students who plan to study engineering or a related subject. Those interested in this scholarship can submit the same application used for the general scholarship, and all applicants must submit their application electronically as an attachment.


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